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St. Pete Timebank

This is a directory of members willing to exchange time in the following categories for St. Pete Timebank. Once approved as a member, you will be able to see member information and communicate with members to request services.

Arts, Crafts & Music: Art Conservation
7 members

Arts, Crafts & Music: Classes
58 members

Arts, Crafts & Music: Crafts
80 members

Arts, Crafts & Music: Entertainment
40 members

Arts, Crafts & Music: Handmade goods
one member

Arts, Crafts & Music: Lessons
53 members

Arts, Crafts & Music: Photo & Video
35 members

Arts, Crafts & Music: Project Help/Collaboration
28 members

Arts, Crafts & Music: Theater
12 members

Business Services: Administration
59 members

Business Services: Clerical
63 members

Business Services: Computer Support
50 members

Business Services: Financial
20 members

Business Services: Legal
11 members

Business Services: Marketing
42 members

Business Services: Professional Services
52 members

Business Services: Research
67 members

Business Services: Social Media Marketing
35 members

Business Services: Video editing
one member

Community Activities: Clean-up / Recycling
113 members

Community Activities: Community Garden Work
44 members

Community Activities: Community Service
133 members

Community Activities: Composting
24 members

Community Activities: Fund-raising
35 members

Community Activities: Group Projects
113 members

Community Activities: Help Our TimeBank!
103 members

Community Activities: Social Activities
111 members

Community Activities: Special Projects
115 members

Community Activities: Work For Social Change
124 members

Companionship: A listening Ear
95 members

Companionship: Clubs
24 members

Companionship: Dining Out
93 members

Companionship: Email / IM
54 members

Companionship: Energy Exchange
21 members

Companionship: Guardian Angel
24 members

Companionship: Medical Errands
47 members

Companionship: Meet For Coffee
116 members

Companionship: Play date
32 members

Companionship: Telephone Calls
72 members

Education: Advocacy
70 members

Education: Classes / Workshops
126 members

Education: Computers / Technology
68 members

Education: Languages / Translation
17 members

Education: Personal Finances
12 members

Education: Tutoring or Mentoring
113 members

For Rent: Equipment Rental
27 members

Help At Home: Cooking & Sewing
103 members

Help At Home: Delivery Services
52 members

Help At Home: Hair & Beauty
16 members

Help At Home: House Sitting/House Checks
87 members

Help At Home: Housekeeping / Chores /Organization
76 members

Help At Home: Moving
6 members

Help At Home: Pet Care/Pet Sitting
99 members

Help At Home: Plant Swapping
14 members

Home Maintenance: Car/Bicycle Care
9 members

Home Maintenance: Carpentry / Construction
27 members

Home Maintenance: Decorating
51 members

Home Maintenance: Electrical
11 members

Home Maintenance: Garden & Yard Work
154 members

Home Maintenance: Painting
53 members

Home Maintenance: Plumbing
10 members

Recreation: Books & Videos
72 members

Recreation: Dancing
65 members

Recreation: Events
80 members

Recreation: Games
39 members

Recreation: Sports
34 members

Recreation: Travel
74 members

Transportation: Errands / Shopping
93 members

Transportation: Local
83 members

Transportation: Long Distance
14 members

Transportation: Medical
42 members

Transportation: Train / Bus / Airport
47 members

Transportation: Worship
24 members

Wellness: Card Reading (Tarot, Angel or other types)
28 members

Wellness: Complementary Therapies
43 members

Wellness: Counseling
44 members

Wellness: Diet & Nutrition
65 members

Wellness: Energy Therapy
16 members

Wellness: Fitness & Exercise
52 members

Wellness: Massage
5 members

Wellness: Medical Services
19 members

Wellness: Upliftment
59 members

Wellness: Yoga / Meditation
48 members