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St. Pete Time Bank

Wednesday, May 29th 2019 6:30 PM — 9:00 PM

St. Pete Time Bank Potluck - Held at First Unity Spiritual Campus

This event is being hosted by one of our new organizational members, Earth Care of First Unity Spiritual Campus in the LaGattua Hall (formerly the Friendship Hall) The address is 460 46th Avenue North in St. Petersburg.

We hold one of these every month, on the last Wednesday of the month. Also, please note all potlucks will start at 6:30 pm from now on. Meeting people in person is one of the best ways to start making your exchanges happen!
We get together, eat good food and share a little bit about Time Banking and do an activity to facilitate community exchanges. Make sure to be on time and get a good seat! Both members and non-members are welcome, feel free to bring friends and neighbors.
Show up at 6:30 pm, bring a healthy dish (and a list of your ingredients) to share and get ready to build relationships with other like-minded folks.

We would like to encourage Zero Waste potluck participation; please bring your own reusable water bottle, plate and cutlery if possible (however we don't have dish washing facilities so you'll have to wash when you get home). The Pinellas Community Composting Alliance will be providing composting services of plant-based food scraps at the potluck.
We'd like to have people with full plates in hand at 7:15 and ready for introductions and to share what you LOVE to do with others as there will be some kind of exchange activity after we eat.

Come, help us build the Time Bank in St. Petersburg. Visit to learn more about Time Banking.