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St. Pete Time Bank

Does Anyone Really Know What Time It is?

Well, sure... it’s time to bank. Timebank! 

Ok, so you have successfully navigated your way through the crowded internet and found the St. Pete Time Bank. I will not bore you with details you have already learned about what Time Banking is all about. After all, it is highly unlikely you landed here by sheer chance (and if you did, you should really be buying lottery tickets!) I will, however, provide some tidbits that lie below the surface of what Timebanking is all about.

Nearly all of us know that Edgar Cahn was the true mastermind behind Timebanking in the mid-80s, but did you also know he began his career as a speechwriter for Robert Kennedy? It was no surprise then that Edgar was passionate about civil rights, which was part of the driving force behind the idea of this new tool for social justice.

In a world where decency and civility are approaching the distinct path of the dinosaurs, Timebanking is ever more necessary. Globally it is being used to further a variety of social goals from business and community development to juvenile justice and disaster relief (more on those in a later post!)

In the meantime, take a gander at the below and I will see you next time:



> The smallest Time Bank has just 15 members. In contrast, the largest is at 3,200 and growing. 

> Worldwide over 4,000,000 hours have been documented through exchanges (yea, that’s right - 4 million!) And that is a low figure since surveys indicate nearly 50% of members do not document their hours regularly. Yikes!

> According to Cahn (as of mid-2018), there are over 1,000 documented time banks around the world within 30 countries. Half of those are located within the United States with approximately 37,000 members.

Helpful Timebanking links:


(Thanks to the band, “Chicago”, for allowing me to piggyback on the title of their 1969/70 song from their debut album: “Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?”)

Article by Stan Andruskiewicz