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St. Pete Time Bank

Step into the gap...

Summation of a YouTube Video

by Beth Kaio

Mid-Maine TimeBank members Stacey Jacobsohn (coordinator) and Sheila Malone share their stories about how TimeBank has changed their lives.

Stacey: One of the most important aspects of Timebanking is building a community, especially when we consider how many people are alone. For instance, someone could call a shut-in during a storm just to say, “Are you OK? Are you scared?” Or, “Is your power on, do you need anything?” This is something money can't buy. This is a way to find those people and connect everyone together. With Timebank we can do whatever it takes, to take care of everyone, and build our community.

Sheila: I'm getting out of the house, doing things I wasn't doing before, getting involved. Part of the problem of why I couldn't get involved in my community before was because I don't drive. Now I can use my Timebank credits to get to where I really want to go. Someone picks me up now. With TimeBank, it's easy, because I just use the credits I earned offering something I enjoyed sharing. The Timebank helps us to get to know the neighborhood, not feel so isolated, and feel respected. You can save up your credits and get something money can't buy.

Stacey: Timebank helps your friends, and it's an extension of the family structure when they need it. Someone cooked home meals for me during finals week, when I was too busy to cook. But they loved to cook and share their food. Timebanking is a way for people to fill a gap of what they're missing, whether it's a necessity or quality of life. And it's easy to earn time dollars, offering something you like to do. Everyone has something to offer. What can you offer? Whatever it is you really enjoy. Tutoring, shopping, housekeeping, art lessons, giving rides for errands or to the monthly potluck...the possibilities certainly are limitless. And it doesn't cost anyone anything to do it; all it takes is compassion and a bit of your time. We trade time with each other; it's neighbors helping neighbors. TimeBank is a place where you can find those who know exactly what you need, and you can pay them with this currency that's easy to earn. Timebanking has software that keeps track of all the hours for its members, making simple to use. It's one of the best community-building organizations in the country.

Step into the gap and help people help one another.

Watch the four minute video here:

Published Apr 29, 2010