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St. Pete Timebank

From the Founder

March 30, 2020

It’s hard to believe it’s been over three years since St. Pete Timebank started as a grassroots movement in my kitchen with two close friends. I had been a member of Tampa Bay Time Bank for about two years at that time and felt compelled to do something “hyper-local” here in St. Pete, a little different than what Tampa Bay Time was already doing. It frightened me because I was swimming upstream. I was doing something against the norm, against what many others thought I should (or shouldn’t) do.

Sometimes, ya just gotta step out and do what you feel is right in your heart – and I did, with some strong encouragement. It’s been amazing to watch people come forward and do what they love to do, sharing themselves with our community and watch St. Pete Timebank build in our community.

I’ve often thought of emailing the membership about upcoming events, things that I think everyone might be interested in, etc, but I’ve worried about emailing people too much (and instead – I haven’t emailed the entire membership but once in three years!) I know my in-box is often flooded with emails from organizations and I didn’t want to write something regularly that got dumped into the trash without being looked at. So, rather than an email blast, I’m going to start writing a news article fairly regularly. Yes, if you’re a member of St. Pete Timebank, you will get a notice of this article in your email, based on the communication preferences that you’ve set in the software, but this article will also be available to the general public as they come to our page at

So, if you have an idea, or subject that you would like to see me write about, have a question in particular about timebanking, or you have something that you’d like to see us engage with here as a community in St. Pete Timebank, let me know! Write a quick email to with “TO THE FOUNDER” in the subject line, please – or if you’re a member, message me on the website.

Let's continue to build this beautiful community together.


BJ Andryusky, Founder

St. Pete Timebank


"Where your time counts when you're OFF the clock"