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St. Pete Time Bank

Our Mission

To support the growth of a time-based community that teaches its members to exchange goods and services without the use of cash. 

Our Five Core Values are: 

  • Assets – Everyone has something to give. We are an asset-based society. Everyone's time is valued equally, PERIOD. We are the expression of abundance and we share what we LOVE to do with others.

  • Re-defining Work – The market economy says the more demand there is on a product or service, the higher the cost or value of that item; and conversely, things which are plentiful have little or no value.  We believe the time spent on neighborly favors (taking someone for coffee, calling on a sick member, helping someone with a need or random acts of kindness) is work and is valued here. The time for neighborly favors is just as valuable as the time spent receiving advice from a lawyer or consultation from a doctor. Time is our currency, not money. Time spent exchanging is what is recorded or credited. 

  • Reciprocity – each exchange is a 2 way street with both a giver and a receiver. You can't give without someone receiving, and we value both giving and receiving equally. We practice reciprocity in our community by looking at our accounts and making sure we give AND receive on a regular basis.  A one-way extension of resources is not always sustainable

  • Community – Community is built with every exchange & is the bi-product of reciprocity. The community is what we are building.

  • Respect – Just like Assets, EVERYONE deserves respect - no matter who we are, what we have done or where we are going.